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The Offshoots: News

Summer Fun, Creative Juices Flowing! - July 7, 2015

The Offshoots are incubating an idea for a video, starring our actual offshoots.  Sound like fun?

Started working on some new original tunes and resurrecting some covers we like.

Has the doors open for rehearsal Sunday afternoon and met a new neighbor who heard us one street over. Told her we are not about to ever have a drunken bash for students in the neighborhood and allayed her fears about that.  Gave her our CD, and now hope it is cool enough to keep the doors closed next time, but WTF! We have been rehearsing in this space without incident for over 3 decades, while the student housing and retirement housing rose up all around us! Welcome to the neighborhood.

Great press this September! - September 26, 2014

We got some great press this month and are working on new material!

Could there be more keyboard in our future? Hmmm. 

35 years after starting The Ducks on San Juan Island, the Offshoots return for a family band reunion Octber 18th, on Paul and Beth's actual 39th wedding anniversary, once again proof that LOVE ROCKS!

Justin Schramer will be drumming at that show and then getting quickly back down to Portland for a show with his wife Candy in their band Dark/Light. 


CD Releases in town Dec 26th! - December 14, 2013


Our CD String Theory coming your way!  It sounds awesome and it is ready for release!!!

String Theory is going live on the internet and at local Bellingham Stores the day after Christmas, so you know what to do with those iTunes gift certificates!

If you still haven't bought Room to Grow, e-mail me and get on our band mailing list and I will send you a free download card.  Merry Christmas!

CD Mastering Underway!!! - October 8, 2013

Thanks to Paul Turpin our engineer for the new CD String Theory for producing a great album with us!

Now mastering master Doug Krebs will make our tracks sound killer on the radio, in your car, on a cd player, on an mp3 player, you name it!

Album art in the works.

Exciting times, folks!


New CD titled String Theory - April 10, 2013


We are calling the upcoming CD to be released in early summer 2013 String Theory, after our song of the same name.

In this mysterious and marvelous mulit-verse of ours, maybe dancing to our new tunes will create a new 'brane' and we'll all enjoy a happier more peaceful and at the very least more rocking world!

All the tunes are in the capable hands of our producer Paul Turpin and we're working on album art and finding venues for release parties.  Thinking of handing out cans of crazy string wherever we have CD release parties.  Keep checking our schedule for more as the fun continues with The Offshoots...

New recording project begins! - November 10, 2012

Yes, The Offshoots are taking a fine bunch of new songs into Champion Street Studios to record our new CD, Stop Right There.  The lyrics to these songs follow the lyrics to Room to Grow tunes on our lyrics page if you want a sneak peek.

We are stoked to work with Paul Turpin again.  Bellingham is so fortunate to have such a soulful engineer, and what an ear he has. Our Paul will co-produce again, and Mark, Phil and I are looking forward to rocking the tunes with Paul. I will be playing some guitar on this album, so I shall practice practice practice!

Great Review in What's Up Magazine - October 27, 2012

Check out the great press review on our Press link, and keep asking your favorite venues to book a show with us!

Also new, Beth steps in on rhythm guitar on some newly written tunes, and loves her new fender amp and telecoustic guitar.  She's been playing since she was a girl, but never in her rock bands, so she is stoked!!!

Keep asking your favorite club owners to book us!



Hey Friends, we are stoked to be performing 7 new songs, all our own.

They are called "Legend", "Too Loud", "God Doesn't Know", "Stop Right There/Don't Eat My Fritos", "A Little Bit Higher", "I Resign" and "Charge More Money."

"Legend" has a kind of Devo/Cars energy and describes the rotweiler school of holding on to old hurts.

"Too Loud" is our tribute to those ridiculous enough too move downtown to the gentrified club district and call in to complain about noise violations on a Saturday night...this happens often in our 'Ham.

 "God Doesn't Know" is a slow Cerebral Blues number, with some great guitar.

"Stop Right There/Don't Eat My Fritos"is a hip-shaking soul tune about trying to develop a little control over the snake brain when it is about to spew angrily.

"I Resign" is a hard rocking little number that describes the impasse between liberal and conservative.

Finally "Charge More Money" is a ska/reggae story about the creed of greed.

Add these fine new songs to  the tunes we perform from our CD, and the covers we throw in to compliment our mix of tempos and grooves and you have a 3 set night that will surely be a blast to experience.

Hope to see you out on the dance floor!


 "A Little Bit Higher"  is a straightforward Bunk-rawk number, a tribute to sisters' night out energy.

Room to Grow releases Jan1, 2012 - December 23, 2011

YES! As of January 1, 2012, our newest project, Room to Grow releases on CD baby and will be available in physical form or digital uploads.

So Happy Holidays from the Offshoots!

We love you!

Room to Grow CD being pressed! - December 13, 2011

ALmost time to order your copy of our 15 songs on the CD Room to Grow.

We are stoked and will soon be selling on, Amazon and Itunes.

Check back soon for more snippets and lyrics!

Photoshoot this week! - November 9, 2011

We are excited that our new CD Room to Grow is sounding fantastic in the almost finalized mix.

Next up: the album cover art.   Mark's granddaughters ages 7 mos and 3 1/2 years will be jamming in the living room on drums and vocals.  Should make for an excellent and entertaining photoshoot.  Aviva, the youngest offshoot, should be sporting her all-natural Mohawk 'do, and her big sister Arabella will rock the mic.  She declared to us she's going to be a rock star, before we even asked her to grace our cover.

OK, then!

Room to Grow CD being mixed and Mastered! - October 28, 2011

Recording our new CD has been a kick, with Paul Schramer co-producing with Paul Turpin, genius owner of Champion St. Studios (and new dad: welcome baby Harriet, a new Offshoot if ever there was one!)

It has been fantastic to have more than enough original material for the project, and we have named it Room to Grow.

We are working on the album art now and should be mastering soon!  YAY!


The Redux have blossomed into a new group doing all their own tunes: The Offshoots!

Our original songs will surely grow on you! Offshoots songs are about hope, passion, delight, bringing the shadow into the light, perseverance, love and living right now! 16 new songs headed into the studio in June...

We are eager for you to hear them before we get truly decent recordings, so we posted a few demos for you.


Bunky and the Bro's - May 2, 2010

Yup, she's daring to do a set on guitar with Paul on drums and brother Mark on bass. Should be fun! Paul has become quite the drummer since Justin gave his father his drumset - the living room just gets more exciting!

Time to perform...see ya May 8th!

Rock the BUS! - February 22, 2010

We are gleefully rehearsing our hardest rocking, most soulful & fun songs to create a set that will sizzle for our Rock the Bus event April 1 at the Fairhaven Pub and Martini Bar with The Walrus and DJ Yogoman!

30 years ago March 19, the band began in Friday Harbor... - March 26, 2009

Yea, amazing how much fun we've had!
Tim is doing the Chuckanut Radio Hour and raising two amazing redheaded kids.
Justin just turned 33. Lives in Portland, and plays guitar bass and drums in a new band called Brown Sound, but he's coming up to Bellingham for the Ducks/Redux 30th anniversary.
Dr. Jimmy resurrecting ridiculous and sublime old tunes for his boat house pahtay/reunion potluck.
Lauralee got herself an accordian, lord help us!
She's headed to visit family in Hamburg.
Bunky feels age 33 internally and still believes in her power to rawk people the fug out!
Paul has been inspired to play more often and more intensely after seeing Zappa plays Zappa in Jan.
Mark is a grandpa now and jammed on bass with us as his 1 year old grandaughter shook the tambourine and tried out the mike.

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